Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC


About Us

Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC is a business development company located in Michigan and created in April 2009, tasked with building and overseeing the operations of the new milk drying plant in Coopersville, Michigan.

Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC is a Limited Liability Company owned by Continental Dairy Products, Inc. (CDP). CDP is a cooperative owned by dairy farmers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The dairy farmer owners of Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC are committed to producing the highest quality milk through dairy management with attention to both individual cow and herd health.

Mission Statement

Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC purpose is to develop, grow, and support business units in order to maximize long term profits and sustainability to our stakeholders.

Quality Policy Statement

Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC's management and employees are committed to producing high quality and safe dairy products. This commitment extends from our incoming materials to our final product. Each employee is tasked with seeking ways to continually improve our food safety and food quality management systems. Our goal is to operate within all regulatory requirements and to exceed customer requirements.


Continental Dairy Facilities LLC produces high quality nonfat dry milk, condensed skim milk, and cream for the food manufacturing industry. Our facility is designed to produce low, medium, and high heat nonfat milk powders using the latest in spray drying technology.